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With Hada Labo, you may have healthy mochi skin all summer long and throughout the year

With Hada Labo, you may have healthy mochi skin all summer long and throughout the year

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Because of the sun-sational combination of strong UV radiation, salt, and chlorine, the warmest season of the year brings us amazing summer memories but also some uneven and dry skin. With heat indexes remaining high, the skin requires adequate treatment now more than ever, which means modifying a few items in our skincare routine to make it more suitable for our hot and humid tropical (year-round!) weather.

Sun exposure causes sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and skin dryness. High humidity also causes an increase in sebum production, which can aggravate oily skin and make it more prone to breakouts, while dry skin can become flaky and harsh. UV radiation can also make fine lines and wrinkles appear more prominent.

Staying in air-conditioned rooms, excessive sweating, dehydration, and even chlorine in swimming pools can dry up the skin’s natural moisture, exacerbating your current skin problems and making you appear dull and lifeless.

Like they always say during this season, keep hydrated—and that’s true for your skin too. If you find your usual skincare products to be too thick and rich for the tropical climes, it’s time to switch to light hydrating products like those from Japanese cult skincare brand Hada Labo.

One of its bestselling products is their face lotion that sells out a bottle every five seconds in Japan. As the first step to fresh, young-looking mochi-mochi skin, Hada Labo face lotions are known for making skin soft, bouncy, velvety matte, and of course, well-hydrated and healthy in any type of weather.

To keep these lotions light, they are all formulated without unnecessary additives, colorants, fragrances, and mineral oils that burden the skin. Rather, it retains only the most beneficial ingredients like its star ingredient hyaluronic acid that’s known for hydrating the skin by increasing its water content.

Gokujyun Hydrating Lotion is Japan’s No. 1 face lotion that’s perfect for daily use, especially if you have dry or normal skin. And it’s now improved with five kinds of hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrate the skin, replenish optimum moisture, create a moisture-locking shield to prevent moisture loss, and enhance absorption of other skin-care ingredients like your trusted sunscreen. This formula also has the world’s first fermented hyaluronic acid that significantly improves how it locks in moisture deep into the skin.

The line also has Gokujyun Hydrating Light Lotion that has a light, non-greasy formula specifically created for oily or combination skin.

To revive skin and turn it back to or keep its fresh, mochi-mochi condition, use the face lotion twice a day and apply it the Hada Labo way—by patting it onto the skin after cleansing.

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