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Team Building of various Metro Manila clubs done in Calauan and Los Baños to foster continuous camaraderie

Team Building of various Metro Manila clubs done in Calauan and Los Baños to foster continuous camaraderie

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While everyone in festive mood—Independence Day is a celebration nationwide in the Philippines and a time for a lot of Filipinos for a vacation since it’s also a national holiday but to some of the Kiwanians under Philippine Luzon District in Division 3A; Mckinley, Malate West, Makati, Manila Bay, Pasay, Pasay North and Pasay Eagle, they made sure that 1000 kids from National Housing Authority will enjoy the freedom they are experiencing today by providing nutritious food, productive games and gift giving.

Headed by Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Lieutenant Governor for that Division which is composed of the Metro Manila clubs, they launched the feeding, medical mission and gift giving for the children that resides inside the National Housing Authority in Barangay Santo Tomas, Calauan, Laguna headed by Captain Rommel Belano.

After the mass activity with these children, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas treated the members of the clubs who participated with a much awaited team building. She brought everyone at Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino in Calauan, Laguna for a memorable pineapple picking and brought home not just pineapples but also newly picked mangoes.

The team also tasted cakes from the most popular cake house in Laguna, Mernel’s and of course the sweetest pineapples from the farm.

Then the whole team head to La Terazza Garan Hot Spring Resort in Los Baños to continue the team building. Engr. Grace prepared also sumptuous food for everyone with Karaoke for all to enjoy not to mention that everyone enjoyed the warm water in the pool.

According to Engr. Grace during her speech in the meeting, she likes to utilize the remaining months as Lieutenant Governor for impact projects with the cooperation of the clubs and that positions and designations might have a limited time but the friendship, it will continue. She expresses also gratitude to all especially the 8 clubs who travel for 2.5 hours to execute the activities.

“I am very impressed with Kiwanians who keeps on reaching the indigent kids. It’s not easy, they allot precious time, money and heart just to serve the children, one kid per community. In spite of challenges, Kiwanians are focus and exerting effort. That’s something worthy of emulation.”- Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas

Kiwanis members from different parts of the globe with the objective to improve the welfare of the indigent children and statistically provides more than 150,000 service projects annually globally. Glenda Veloria Hufano is the upcoming Governor this October 2023 that will lead over 5000 members nationwide which comprises 27 divisions.