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Taho, Maruya, And Espasol Gets A Spot To Top 50 Best Street Food Sweets In The World


Taho, Maruya, And Espasol Gets A Spot To Top 50 Best Street Food Sweets In The World


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Are you a fan of Filipino street foods such as Taho, Maruya, and Espasol? Then you are not alone, because even foreigners love these sweet foods!

On July 14, the international food guide Taste Atlas released the top 50 best street food sweets around the world, which included three foods from the Philippines.

Claiming the 25th spot is Taho, 37th for Maruya, and 44th for Espasol.

Along with these Filipino foods are donuts and egg waffles from other countries, and even churros from Spain!

Taho is a kind of Filipino street food that is made from fresh tofu mixed with arnibal and sago pearls. This is a known snack sold on different streets nationwide that can be bought at an affordable price of Php 10 to Php 30.

Maruya, on the other hand, is made out of bananas (commonly saba) that are coated with a batter before being deep fried and drenched in sugar. Just like taho, this is also a staple snack for Filipinos, as it can be bought for an affordable price.

Lastly, Espasol is a kind of Filipino rice cake. This snack is known to originate from Laguna and is made from rice flour that is cooked with coconut milk and sweetened coconut strips. This can be sold in bundles and is commonly seen in school canteens.

Seeing how the world appreciates these sweet street foods from the country makes us Filipinos have a proud moment considering that these snacks became part of our lives.

Getting three spots on this list also indicates how Filipinos love to explore and invent foods that are not only good for the tummy but are also healthy.