Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tag Media Group Unites Nations, Celebrating Cultural Synergy at Asia Leaders Awards

Tag Media Group Unites Nations, Celebrating Cultural Synergy at Asia Leaders Awards

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The Tag Media Group envisions the Philippines as the premier business hub in Asia. With a mission to catalyze this vision, the Group has engaged with numerous Asian embassies in the Philippines, fostering cultural synergy between the Philippines and its neighbors.

Recently, the Tag Media Group hosted a prestigious cocktail event for the Asia Leaders Awards 2024 at the Indonesian Embassy, graciously hosted by His Excellency, Indonesian Ambassador to the Philippines Agus Widjojo. This gathering brought together members of the Diplomatic Corps, including diplomats from neighboring countries, to not only conduct business but also to share and celebrate the rich cultures and traditions of their respective nations.

The event was meticulously curated to showcase the diverse cultures of the Philippines, Indonesia, and other participating countries. Highlights included His Excellency Agus Widjojo donning a traditional Filipino salakot, and the presentation of handcrafted wooden trophies by artists from Paete, Laguna. Guests were also gifted native wallets from Pila, Laguna, emphasizing local craftsmanship.

Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas, founder of the Tag Media Group, ensured that the floral arrangements featured jasmine, the national flower of both the Philippines and Indonesia, sourced from San Pedro, Laguna, the Sampaguita Capital of the Philippines. This attention to detail underscored the deep cultural connections between the two countries.

The Tag Media Group stands out as the only media organization in the Philippines hosting such culturally enriching events. These gatherings not only promote business but also highlight the rich heritage of the Philippines to international representatives.

Previously, the Asia Leaders Awards have hosted similar events at the Embassies of Singapore and Malaysia, offering delegates a unique experience compared to typical corporate events held in hotels and resorts.

Through these initiatives, the Tag Media Group contributes to nation-building by promoting the Philippines’ cultural heritage while embracing the traditions of neighboring countries.