Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Singing Let’s The Good Vibes Roll

Singing Let’s The Good Vibes Roll

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Filipinos are, generally, merry people. “The friendliest people on earth,” is one of the titles we claim with pride and most definitely live up to. Unfortunately, the current state of the world has thrown us into isolation, ultimately affecting the way we interact and connect with people and, of course, the way we have fun.  


As humans, however, we are programmed to always find a silver lining no matter how grim things are. Fortunately, there is one way of expression that have leaned on to express our hopes as a society lately—through music. 


Whether its Tiktok covers, dancing, or singing in general, we have found a medium to express our love and support for each other regardless of distance. Despite our voices being smaller because of how far apart we are from each other, we have managed to stand tall and express ourselves. 


And for good purpose, Entertainment is a very healthy way to shift our perspectives from the negative to the positive. This is scientifically supported, too. According to studies, being engaged with music helps release endorphins which help keep anxiety at bay and give us a feeling of heightened excitement. Why do you think we, as a culture, have a soft spot for something as simple as a videoke session? 

Unfortunately, fun times like these have been affected by the lockdown. Irresponsible get-togethers are discouraged, for good reason, because of fear of the pandemic. Videoke sessions are even cited as one of the causes of the spread of the virus due to some groups that do not follow social distancing protocols.  

The good news is that we can work our way around this, as we always do, by responsibly enjoying ourselves with a little bit of help from technology. If you have been itching to belt your killer notes, for example, you can always have the option of enjoying it in the comforts of your home with your very own entertainment system.  


This is something that Grand Videoke believes in. A product of Audio-Video Solutions Corporation (AVSC), a world-class distributor of some of the best home entertainment systems, the company wants to send the message that fun is always there for us to tap into regardless of what we are facing right now as a society.  


Yes, it may not be the same as we used to enjoy the hobby with our friends around, but that doesn’t mean the enjoyment is not there anymore. Grand Videoke, for example, can provide you with other creative ways to express yourself. Case in point, its top-notch features like the Perfect Pitch which guides you to hit the right notes while singing—something akin to having a personal singing coach. If you are feeling in the mood to be competitive, you can even use its scoring system so you can take your talent to the next level. If you want to challenge some of your family and friends to a singing battle, on the other hand, all you have to do is to create an account so you can keep a tab on each of your scores, too. What’s more, Grand Videoke releases Song Volumes so you can update your library and sing your favorite songs! 


As a society, there’s no doubt that we are facing one of the toughest times in history. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with everything that is going on in the world right now, but we always have to remember to continue to motivate ourselves, whether it’s by strengthening our spirits to see the light at the end of the tunnel or simply, by picking up the mic. For now, we’ll have to improvise by turning our private spaces as our very own entertainment arenas and remember to celebrate responsibly—our very own way of contributing to keeping everyone safe by staying at home.  


Can’t wait to sing your hearts out again? Head to https://grandvideoke.com/ to learn more about their products so you can start the fun at home!