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PCTA Members Empower their Communities to Advance and Adapt to the New Normal

PCTA Members Empower their Communities to Advance and Adapt to the New Normal

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Philippine Cable and Telecommunications Association, Inc. (PCTA), together with its members, continue to support the government efforts in improving communications and connectivity services for the public. The pandemic increased the need for stable internet access for social, economic, and educational needs and over 150 internet service provider (ISP) members of the PCTA are at the forefront to help the communities they serve transition into the new normal.

“Providing adequate bandwidth allocation and ensuring that internet service and signals are accessible to our communities are among PCTA’s priorities to support more Filipinos during unprecedented times. We doubled our efforts to improve internet services even in underserved areas,” Joel Dabao, president of PCTA said.

Cotabato Cable Television Network Corporation, one of PCTA’s active members, has put in a lot of work to deliver high quality service and bring the world to the homes of their subscribers in Cotabato City. It has earned the trust of government offices and became the city government’s official internet provider.

Cotabato Cable empowers its community of 3,200 households by providing convenient subscription plans and bundling cable TV with Internet of up to 12mbps in speed for subscribers who shifted to Fiber To The Home (FTTH) system. At the peak of the pandemic, they ensured that they lay out good signal and cable programs that would entertain the elders, help employees who work from home and students who attend their online classes. Cotabato Cable also gave the Department of Education free cablecasting of their modules from Mondays through Fridays.

Bongao Cable TV Network, Inc., one of PCTA’s member operators, has been providing internet service in the Salug Valley Province since 2016. At the start of the pandemic, Bongao Cable extended their services and upgraded their system, availing a higher bandwidth to cater to the needs of their subscribers.

They help schools and learning communities to set-up their online learning by providing a higher bandwidth and reasonable packages. They also support their local government units, specifically the Mayor’s office, to integrate and offer their services online that extends aid to the people in the municipality.

With their constant effort to provide internet services even in the farthest municipalities of the province of Zamboanga del Sur, subscribers no longer need to relocate as they can confidently work from home. Bongao Cable TV Network, Inc. offers the highest internet plan speed of up to 20mbps using the FTTH technology

Bongao cable continuously looks for more ways to upgrade their system to serve their ever-growing number of subscribers without increasing their basic rate for cable TV, at the same time not compromising the quality of their service. In addition, they exercise leniency in the collection of monthly payments understanding the challenges of these unprecedented times.

“As our nation moves forward to recovery, PCTA and its member operators will continue to serve reliable internet connectivity that will empower Filipinos especially in far-flung areas to accelerate and thrive in the digital transformation era,” Dabao added.

For more information about the PCTA and its members nationwide, visit www.pcta.org.ph