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Packaging Company Betafoam Rebuilt Itself From The Ashes with The Help of This Energy Expert

Packaging Company Betafoam Rebuilt Itself From The Ashes with The Help of This Energy Expert

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Marañon (right) with Meralco Biz Partner Manager Kim Gabilo

How is it rebuilt from the literal ashes? You do it with strength, character, a lot of optimism and the right partners. For Betafoam Corporation, an insulation and packaging company based in Dasmariñas, Cavite, this is true. During the pandemic, Betafoam increased its operations for products that have seen greater demand, including packaging for essential products and logistics companies, bubble wrap and plastic wrap.

In 2014, Betafoam was on its eleventh year in producing synthetic resin (PE) foam once its two-building facility in Dasmariñas Technopark, Cavite was decimated by a fire. “Our entire industrial plant got burned. we tend to had to start out from zero. the merchandise we create is injected with LPG thus it’s ignitable at a precise purpose of manufacturing. Unfortunately, that sparked the hearth and it burned the building down,” says President Greg Marañon.

whereas coming up with their new facility, Betafoam knew that they were getting to want the assistance of Meralco. sensible factor the energy distributor encompasses a dedicated section handling tiny and medium enterprises — the Meralco business Partners group. a zealous business Partner Manager was allotted to Betafoam to assist them power through.

Betafoam Corporation has been manufacturing insulation and specialized packaging since 2003.

In 2017, Betafoam rebuilt and moved again to Dasmariñas Technopark, the equal web website online their unique facility become in. They accelerated from a modest 2,000 rectangular meter manufacturing facility to a sufficient 10,000 rectangular meters of production, warehousing, packaging, and management space. The facility become supposed to be low-danger and excessive in safety, with every standalone construction designed with its personal feature and electricity wishes in mind.

The new compound becomes energized through Meralco proper on time to preserve up with its manufacturing and shipping schedules. But extra significantly, this energization allowed them to enjoy the reliability of being related to the strength grid. The employer formerly needed to depend on the usage of mills whilst running from their brief facility, which become positioned in a place that didn’t have a three-section strength line—which they wanted for his or her machines to perform optimally.
Since the employer has already been running 24/7, Meralco additionally advocated to have their production operations subscribed to their Peak / Off-Peak (POP) prices software to in addition reduce costs. They can perform their strength-in depth equipment at night time while strength prices are lower, whilst the low-strength-ingesting machines run throughout the day. Through this scheme, Betafoam has been playing vast financial savings of as much as P50,000 a month.

Partners Through the Pandemic
POP is still powerful for the employer with Betafoam seeing their cutting-edge operations at almost pre-pandemic levels. “Our subscription to the Peak / Off-Peak software remains useful to us as our manufacturing is sort of regular.”
But regaining this almost-regular manufacturing appeared unattainable in March 2020 while ECQ become carried out. Work halted because of checkpoints that stored their personnel from going to paintings and their vans off the road. “We needed to near our operations for 1.five months. We had skeletal pressure operations beginning May, as we had clients asking us to serve their orders.”

Marañon, simply as he did with the 2014 hearthplace that engulfed his facility, rose to the challenge. He and his corporation cast on and tailored to the situation, generating merchandise that their clients wanted.

Further constructing on their partnership with Meralco, Betafoam established sun panels of their manufacturing centers early in 2021 with the assist of Spectrum.
Spectrum is a sun strength employer constructed with Meralco’s electricity know-how and provider standards. They offer secure and top notch sun strength that seamlessly integrates with Meralco’s grid. With sun strength, Betafoam generated extra month-to-month financial savings of virtually P60,000.

He delivered that Meralco have become a powerful companion throughout the pandemic. To ease the charge burden of enterprise clients, Meralco suspended the Guaranteed Minimum Billing Demand (GMBD). This become first of all carried out for payments from March sixteen to June 30, 2020 however become finally prolonged till stop of 2020 for companies that had been now no longer allowed to perform primarily based totally on IATF guidelines. This resulted to vast financial savings for Betafoam.

Viewing and paying payments had been additionally made handy and clean regardless of the quarantine restrictions. “For our safety, we restricted our transactions to on line channels. Good issue we signed as much as Meralco Online which allowed us to view and pay our payments on line”,

What Lies Ahead
All matters considered, Betafoam Corporation has now come to be an embodiment of what it method to get again on one’s ft and what it takes to transport forward—a mirrored image of Marañon’s indomitable spirit. Rising from the ashes and surviving one of the maximum hard years in 2020, Betafoam has rebuilt itself to a sustainable, well-designed, and green employer.