Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Metro Manila Billboards Transform into Messages of Strength for Superhero Frontliners

Metro Manila Billboards Transform into Messages of Strength for Superhero Frontliners

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Leading media and creative agency Havas Ortega transformed digital billboards all over Metro Manila otherwise idled by the lockdown into empowering messages of strength for Filipino frontliners. Turning billboards once filled with ads into digital comic books featuring frontliners as superheroes, the agency’s “Frontline Heroes” is a tribute to the Filipinos who brave the dangers of the outside world so the rest of the country can survive inside their homes.

Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega explained, “Every day our frontliners answer the call of duty, risking their health to take on extraordinary burdens brought about by these extraordinary times. But with the rest of the country in quarantine, they may feel left behind and alone outside. Frontline Heroes is our way of directly expressing our message of strength to the frontliners, cheering them on as they go to work and lifting their spirits as they go home.”

Characters from Frontline Heroes like Commander Doctor (doctors), Power Packners (cashier and supermarket baggers), Kidlat Rider (delivery drivers), Incredible Guard (security guards), Super Nurse (nurses) and Truth Twins (journalists and cameramen) are now being displayed along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares, raising the morale of our already tired and weary COVID-19 fighters in Alabang, Makati, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Pasig, and Quezon City.

“Hopefully, the empty roads become less a reminder of isolation, more a source of energy and inspiration,” Ortega added.

Havas Ortega urges the public to join the campaign by using #TuloyAngLaban online and tagging frontliners in their personal messages of encouragement and gratitude. Through this, Frontline Heroes can reach frontliners all over the country.

“With the physical, emotional, and mental strength required to do what they do, our frontliners are not just heroes, they are superheroes. But they need our help to keep them going! #TuloyAngLaban is the reaffirmation of support needed to renew our Frontline Heroes’ strength as they continue to fight a long and tiring battle against the pandemic,” emphasized Griffey de Guzman, Associate Creative Director of Havas Creatives.

Frontline Heroes also include Johnny Tor (janitors), Pharma Sis (pharmacists), Kalye Ranger (uniformed personnel), Kusina Titan (restaurant workers), COVID Hunter (lab technicians), Virus Blasters (disinfect crew), Pera Sentinel (bank clerks), Boom Bero (firefighters), and Metro Manong (garbage collectors).
This campaign was developed by Havas Ortega in partnership with billboard companies HDI Admix, Inc., United Neon Advertising, Inc., Summit Outdoor Media, Luneta Advertising, Inc., Full Linkage (FULITECH) Philippines, Inc., the Out Of Home Advertising Association Of the Philippines (OHAAP) and the Outdoor Media Advocacy Group (OMAG).

Follow the Frontline Heroes story on Havas Ortega’s Facebook Page. Join the campaign by using #TuloyAngLaban and #FrontlineHeroesPH on social media.