Saturday, June 15, 2024

McDonald’s new Happy Meal featuring Pokémon toy collectibles

McDonald’s new Happy Meal featuring Pokémon toy collectibles

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The most wonderful time of the year is here, and as parents, it’s more important than ever to give the kids a holiday experience to remember!

McDonald’s Happy Meal features Pokémon toy collectibles which include eight different designs that will help children become masters of the jungle through exploring and training activities! With this new Pokemon-themed Jungle Survival Kit, holiday celebrations can be much more creative by setting up an indoor camp that families can explore and enjoy. This will not just inspire curiosity and wonder, but will also let the kids exercise their practical skills with a unique indoor camping experience!

The Pokemon-themed Happy Meal is also a perfect gift for the young ones, young-at-heart, and Pokémon fans because it can be purchased with McDo’s festive, ready-to-gift, and limited edition Christmas-themed Happy Meal Boxes. Surprise nieces, nephews, and even friends with the fun Pikachu-themed toy set this coming Christmas.

To echo the beloved anime’s slogan, encourage kids to “catch ‘em all” and collect all eight designs for the full indoor camping experience! Through the Add-On promo, customers can even get a bigger bang for their buck when they add only P50 to any meal to avail of an additional Burger McDo Happy Meal with a Pokémon toy collectible!                                                                         

Introduce life and survival skills to kids through the concept of camping indoors with McDonald’s NEW Happy Meal featuring a Pokemon-themed Jungle Survival Kit! Even get the chance to score an affordable deal with the Happy Meal Add-On Promo. Order now via McDonald’s Dine-In, Take Out, Drive Thru, or McDelivery!

To learn more, just head on to the McDelivery website or app and follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook to stay up to date on all McDo announcements.