Tuesday, July 23, 2024

MAPA and Healthway form a collaboration to strengthen the local healthcare business

MAPA and Healthway form a collaboration to strengthen the local healthcare business

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Building the nation by honing world-class healthcare talents. Left to right: Dr, Alvin Cabral, COO of HMC, Inc.; Dr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, Mapúa University President; Mr. Jaime Ysmael, President and CEO of Healthway Philippines Inc.; and Mr. Sean Zantua, Chief HR Officer of Healthway Philippines Inc.

New technologies lead healthcare workers to give medical care a more progressive approach. From teleconsultation, digital record-keeping, and utilization of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the current healthcare infrastructure compels medical workers to be equipped with modern skills and know-how.

Two of the country’s most esteemed organizations, MAPÚA University and Healthway Medical Network (HMN), join forces to hone globally competent Filipino healthcare workers. A formal partnership was signed enabling Mapúan Health Sciences students to take advantage of Healthway’s wide network by training in its clinics and outpatient centers as part of their nursing and medical technology curriculum.

“What MAPÚA University espouses is experiential learning,” said Dr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, MAPÚA University’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Part of the school’s strategy for student success is exposing them to advanced and immersive learning facilities. We give our students access to simulation rooms where they can practice in a safer environment so that when they get to the workplace, there’s more patient safety and interpersonal skills,” Maestrecampo continued.

The MAPÚA University School of Health Sciences is also in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), the no. 1 “most innovative school” in the U.S. by the U.S. News & World Report. This collaboration opens the doors of students to world-class learning resources and prepares them for a career in healthcare at par with the  rest of the world. The students’ learnings and digital literacy will then be applied as they undergo training in Healthway clinics and outpatient centres.

For HMN, partnering with MAPÚA is another step further in their nation-building efforts. Following its various efforts to bolster worker retention in the medical field,      HMN is pleased to tap the youth and offer them training initiatives, scholarship programs, and job opportunities within its network.

“Healthcare workers are in demand now more than ever,” said HMN Chief HR Officer Sean O. Zantua. “What we aim to do is to help address the human capital challenge in the healthcare sector by streamlining the career path of our students, so that we can raise the industry standard and offer them equal opportunities at home,” Zantua shared.

The MAPÚA University and Healthway Medical Network partnership allow students to master the most important lessons including innovative techniques and human skills that will equip them to meet the challenges of the future.

“We are thrilled for this partnership to come to fruition because at Healthway, our brand promise is ‘Care Beyond Cure’,” said Jaime Ysmael, Healthway Philippines Inc.’s President and CEO. “We make sure that we treat our patients as human beings with families and with stories to tell. That human-centric approach is what we want to leave our MAPÚA students and interns as they deliver care to our Healthway patients,” Ysmael continued.

Meanwhile, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also addressed the need to refocus on health priorities in his latest State of the Nation Address (SONA). With the current demand for healthcare professionals, the government is making efforts to expand its medical and nursing education programs. It is projected that more public-private partnerships will rise to achieve the goal of universal healthcare.

The MAPÚA University and Healthway Medical Network partnership marks a significant milestone for both institutions to improve healthcare for all Filipinos. With MAPÚA’s world-class talent and “practice-ready” approach, innovative healthcare solutions, and integration of clinics and HMN’s network and ecosystem, both companies position themselves to deliver high-quality care to Filipinos across the country.

For more information, visit www.healthsciences.mapua.edu.ph.