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LRT-1 Light Rail Manila Corporation recently celebrated an impressive milestone surpassing 20 million safe man-hours

LRT-1 Light Rail Manila Corporation recently celebrated an impressive milestone surpassing 20 million safe man-hours

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In photo: LRMC Environmental and Pollution Control Officer Marc Brian Manlubatan; LRMC Head of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Department Dr. Louernie De Sales; LRMC Depot Fire Marshall Oswaldo Tarnate; and LRMC Railways Safety Engineer Akihiro Adachi

LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) recently celebrated an impressive milestone surpassing 20 million safe man-hours without a lost time incident (LTI) in all of its ISO-certified facilities and business areas.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) – Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) conferred recognition for LRMC’s outstanding safety achievement in a span of 2 years and 10 months.

“Your success is a manifestation of your organization’s commitment and effort in ensuring the safety and health of your workers and workplaces. By implementing your OSHC programs and strict compliance with OSHC standards, you have attained your mission to provide a safe, reliable, efficient, and comfortable journey to commuters. Undoubtedly, this accomplishment has given the public confidence when riding the LRT-1,” DOLE OSHC Executive Director Noel Binag said.

The 20 million safe man-hours record is the industry best as LRMC carries out programs to ensure stringent health, safety, and environment practices. Some of these include safety proofing in all workstations, performance-based strategies, leveraging technology for a robust system of reporting, safety campaigns, health monitoring, regular drills and simulation exercises, as well as recognition of safety champs at the workplace. The ongoing pandemic did not hinder the company from attaining its safe man-hours with its COVID-19 workplace management leading to zero lockdown and workplace transmission.

“We take health and safety very seriously. This is an exceptional achievement for LRMC and our safety-first culture. Our success would not have been possible without the commitment, accountability, and support from every employee,” LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso said.

The milestone was celebrated in a hybrid event with partners from DOLE-OSHC, Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), Pasay City local government, and other contractors sharing their messages of support for LRMC’s latest achievement.

Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto-Rubiano congratulated LRMC by highlighting in her message the efforts of the management and employees. “LRMC has stood up to the challenge of providing safe and reliable transportation. Your staff, engineers, and workers also have a good safety record which you can be proud of. It speaks of the corporate culture that efficiency and good delivery of public service remain your priority. And you should be proud of your immaculate record.”

In his message, LRTA Deputy Administrator for Operations and Engineering Dr. Paul Chua also said, “We would like to congratulate LRMC for their accomplishments. You have successfully made safety as part of the LRMC culture. We are all aware of the importance of safety in workplace, and this milestone proves that the safety culture and prioritizing safety can be done.”

The celebration also coincided with the awarding of Circle of Champions among LRMC employees who went the extra mile in the aspects of health, safety, environment, and quality, and the launching of LRMC’s enhanced RIA Safety Mobile App used internally by employees to report and monitor unsafe or unwanted practices.