Thursday, February 29, 2024

Kiwanis Conference in Metro Manila was a success and well-attended


Kiwanis Conference in Metro Manila was a success and well-attended

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The Manila Hotel—Under the leadership of Lieutenant Governor Grace Bondad Nicolas, the 7th Division Council Meeting, Division Conference, and Governor’s Visit is a success, with 11 clubs representing Kiwanis International, Philippine Luzon District, Division 3A, which includes Metro Manila clubs.

Presidents from several clubs reported on their actions for destitute children during the previous six months and approved the minutes of the last meeting, which was held last month at the Pearl Garden Hotel.

District Governor Johnny Domino reaffirmed the equity of treatment across clubs and stated that his administration will focus on growth and membership expansion.

President Lito Marquez was chosen Lieutenant Governor for the forthcoming October 2023 to September 2024 term at the division conference where the election was place. He is from KC Reachin’ Beyond, and the Lieutenant Governor-Elect is President Ezelle Gascon of KC Manila Bay.

The attendance from the district was overwhelming also with the District Secretary Edel Morales who discussed the upcoming Kiwanis International Event on June 21 to 24, 2023. District Treasurer Richard Agbayani shared also some pertinent information regarding dues while Past Governor Mario Sison confirmed the Kiwanis International dues and also contributed to the success of the election together with Past Governor Joe Redoblado among others. Kiwanis members from different parts of the globe to improve the welfare of indigent children and statistically provides more than 150,000 service projects annually globally. Johnny Domino is the current district governor while Glenda Veloria Hufano is the upcoming Governor this October 2023 that will lead over 5000 members nationwide which comprises 27 divisions.