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How To Be Famous On The Internet: Finding The Right Audience


How To Be Famous On The Internet: Finding The Right Audience


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How many of you have aspired to become TikTok famous or YouTube content creators? Well, you are probably thinking that it is very easy, but that’s a big misconception about internet personalities. Influencers that you’ve known in the social media industry are not made by pure luck as they make their way through.

There are a lot of factors on how to establish your name like making actual and consistent content that are appealing, producing high-quality video and editing mastery. However, despite your talent in all technicalities, you must consider finding the perfect audience.

Anne Curtis is one of the Filipina showbiz personalities that could sell you the most high-end and mass-level products. This is why advertisers love her! In brainstorming your content and what image you will portray, you have to make sure that it is appreciated from A to E status! Well, that is only applicable if you really want to go big in the industry.

In business, you have to make sure that you market your product or service. The same goes with yourself! Now you have to sell your content with you in it, but first find the people who will appreciate your videos and gain supporters from them. There is nothing wrong with starting small, because that is really the first step in growing your audience.


1. Finding your niche

Ask yourself first: “What can I offer?” You can’t sell something you don’t have. If you are inclined to make-up but opt for travel vlogs but do not have the money to fund your next trip, then how can you sustain that kind of content? Well, if you have the means to create content that is costly, then why not establish a social media persona, even if it’s really far away from your real personality. That’s an exhausting option for you.

Finding a niche is very important because this is where you will be known. For example, vloggers like Michelle Dy established their names in the beauty industry, David Guison for lifestyle, travel, and fashion, while Cong TV made it big for humorous mass content.

The same goes for you. You have to create content that is not a hassle and that is very close to your means and personality. However, every type of content that is known on platforms is very saturated! So, you have to be unique and creative in producing it.


2. Analyzing your audience

After you arrive with the content that you have, ask yourself again: “Who will watch my videos?” If you are well aware of audience tools like Google Analytics or Meta Insights Tools then that’s a big help in conducting your brainstorming.

You have to go back to your previous content and take a look at your demographics. How many of them are men and women? What is their age bracket? What kind of phones are they using? And the list goes on. If you are into TikTok, it also has its own analytics tool that will help you know your audience and even know their nationality!

This is very helpful as you can adjust your content according to their liking and preference. It is not bad to tweak it a little or switch your approach to your videos if you really want it to be appreciated by your growing audience.


3. Listening to your audience

On every platform, you can react, comment, and share, right? Maximize the data your supporters are giving you. You can easily tell if they love or dislike your content. They also comment on their insights and reactions, and sometimes they even make suggestions!

People appreciate creators who interact and listen. So, if you are that type of person who acknowledges others, that’s a great plus! You can adjust to their liking and do content that they would love to see you in. It is an advantage for you as you don’t have to think of your next content.

You have to practice social listening because this is where you can gain ideas for future reference. Cancel culture here in the Philippines is also grave, so you have to watch out!


4. Be an audience as well

If you are used to being on the selling side, why not try to be on the other side? It is great to have a different perspective of what the social media landscape is as of the moment .

After you have already established what niche you’re going to pursue, it is best to watch your rivals as well. Your competitors are the best idea providers. It is not bad to observe what others are putting in their videos. You can either sway away or tweak their ideas.

It is not plagiarism, okay? It is more of strategizing on what to do next. Low views of videos signifies that it is not interesting for many, so you try to avoid topics like that. Uproaring views are great, but try not to follow the trend because it is not always a hit the second time around.

Content creation is your bread and butter, but your audience will be the ones who will bring you income, so you have to grow their numbers. The people whom you have thought you’re about to establish your name are not always your right audience. If you would like to enter the game, then be aware that it is not always a win the first time, it is a process of reaching popularity.

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