Saturday, December 9, 2023

How Filipino healthcare workers can take advantage of the “Great Resignation”


How Filipino healthcare workers can take advantage of the “Great Resignation”

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of employees resigning from their jobs. Known as the “Great Resignation,” various countries all over the world have been experiencing this phenomenon. In the United Kingdom, for example, the number of job vacancies from January to March 2022 rose to a new record of 1,288,000 – an increase of 492,000 from the pre-COVID-19 pandemic level in January to March 2020, according to an April 2022 data shared by the United Kingdom Office of National Statistics.

Various factors have contributed to this. One is that there is a backlog of resignation because people refrained from quitting their jobs at the height of the pandemic. Now that restrictions have eased and most companies have become fully operational, people are less hesitant to switch jobs or shift to a different career. The pandemic also led some people to reevaluate their lives, work less hours or do freelance work.

Whatever the reason, the Great Resignation presents a good opportunity for job applicants who are looking for jobs elsewhere. So, Filipino healthcare workers who are dreaming of a better future by working or moving abroad, can now seize the opportunity with many job lucrative vacancies available as a result of the ongoing Great Resignation.

During this time,, a platform that provides Filipino healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad, advises Filipino applicants to focus on preparing for work overseas by having their documents ready. Most often, the basic requirements include either a 1×1 or 2×2 ID picture, a PSA-authenticated birth certificate, a resume, college diploma, transcript of records, marriage contract (if applicable), NBI clearance, a passport (valid for at least six months), as well as licenses and certifications. You must also apply for a working visa once the employer offers the job.

However, also warns applicants to be very discerning when applying for work overseas. They should carefully do their research so they can find employers, which implement policies and practices that demonstrate that they value the needs of their employees.

Thankfully, through, applicants can find a comprehensive list of great healthcare roles on its website ( So for interested applicants, simply create an account on TrueProfile ( build a myTrueProfile page, and then set contact settings to the ‘Recommended’ option in order to attract new career opportunities.

With many healthcare workers leaving their posts as a result of the Great Resignation, this might be the perfect time to finally take the first step towards making your dream of a lucrative overseas employment come true. To know more, visit