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Herbalife Philippines Caps Off the Year with LA Galaxy Partnership: A Celebration of Sports, Nutrition, and Community Commitment


Herbalife Philippines Caps Off the Year with LA Galaxy Partnership: A Celebration of Sports, Nutrition, and Community Commitment

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Herbalife Philippines ends the year on a high note as it welcomes five-time Major League Soccer champions LA Galaxy to inspire young athletes of Tuloy Foundation. The event highlighted the importance of nutrition in sports performance. In photo, from left: Allan Domingo, General Manager of Herbalife Philippines; Dr. Dana Ryan, Director of Sports Performance, Nutrition, and Education, Herbalife; Erica Capellino, Sports Performance Dietician, LA Galaxy. Flanking Fr. Rocky Evangelista SDB, Founder, Tuloy Foundation are LA Galaxy players: Midfielders Edwin Cerillo and Daniel Aguirre; Defenders Jalen Neal and Mauricio Cuevas; Forward Carson Klein; Midfielder Mark Delgado and Carlos Gomez, Performance Coach, LA Galaxy

In a triumphant year-end celebration, Herbalife Philippines marked a significant milestone by welcoming the five-time Major League Soccer champions, LA Galaxy. The event, held at the Tuloy Foundation grounds in Alabang, featured a captivating panel discussion on the vital link between nutrition and sports performance, alongside a friendly match between LA Galaxy and the Tuloy Foundation Football Club.

Tuloy Foundation, a dedicated partner of Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s Casa Herbalife Program since 2016, was at the forefront during the event. The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF), a global non-profit collaborating with charitable organizations worldwide, including Herbalife, focuses on providing essential nutrition and education for the well-being of children and communities. Tuloy Foundation’s commitment in the Philippines involves supporting homeless and abandoned youth by offering a safe home and education, including a comprehensive sports development curriculum.

Alan Domingo, General Manager of Herbalife Philippines, emphasized the joint commitment to ensuring that underprivileged children gain access to proper nutrition, empowering them to thrive in their pursuits. Dr. Dana Ryan, Director of Sports Performance, Nutrition, and Education at Herbalife, delivered valuable insights during the panel discussion, stressing the importance of structured nutrition for optimal athletic performance.

Dr. Ryan shared key nutritional principles applicable to athletes of all levels, highlighting the significance of a balanced breakfast, appropriate pre-workout nutrition, hydration during workouts, and a well-rounded post-workout recovery. This universal guidance ensures sustained energy and efficient recovery for athletes across diverse levels.

The distinguished panel also included Erica Capellino, Sport Performance Dietitian of LA Galaxy, and Carlos Gomez, Performance Coach of LA Galaxy. LA Galaxy players Edwin Cerillo, Daniel Aguirre, Jalen Neal, Mauricio Cuevas, Carson Klein, and Mark Delgado actively participated in the enriching discussions.

As we bid farewell to the year, Herbalife Philippines’ collaboration with LA Galaxy and its continuous support for the Tuloy Foundation exemplify a shared commitment to fostering proper nutrition and education for the betterment of communities, particularly disadvantaged youth. This collaborative event not only signifies the positive impact of sports and nutrition but also highlights the holistic development opportunities for individuals and communities alike.