Tuesday, July 23, 2024

FWD Golden 7 pays every year and returns premium after seven years if unclaimed

FWD Golden 7 pays every year and returns premium after seven years if unclaimed

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In celebration of its 10th year anniversary in the Philippines, FWD Life Insurance (FWD Philippines) is launching an innovative investment plan for a limited time only.


FWD Golden 7 is a one-time payment plan that offers 4% annual payouts for seven years and 100% return of premiums at the end of the 7th year as long as no death benefit has been claimed. The plan also guarantees life protection, so in case of loss of life, the beneficiary will receive a death benefit amounting to 125% of the single premium or 105% of the account value—whichever is higher.


“Most investments and investment-linked insurance policies typically take time to generate returns, depending on market conditions,” shares FWD President and CEO Antonio Manuel “Jumbing” de Rosas. “But with FWD Golden 7, our customers get 4% payout right after the first year and continue to do so annually for seven years.”


As the insurer of the next generation, FWD Philippines has been innovating life insurance plans to provide financial security and providing reliable, maximizing policies designed to address Filipinos’ ever-changing needs.


De Rosas adds, “Through FWD Golden 7, Filipinos can be protected from life’s uncertainties while getting extra value with annual payouts. This way, they can build their best future by earning and enjoying the benefits of their insurance plan, even if they don’t make a claim.”


Time is gold! FWD Golden 7 Investment-linked Insurance is a limited offer until maximum product allocation is reached. With one-time premium starting from PhP500,000, FWD Golden 7 is available to everyone as young as 15 days old up to 70 years old upon issue date. Reach out to an FWD financial advisor or get in touch now via live chat at fwd.com.ph