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Dr. Elton See Tan as part of the awards committee of Asia Leaders Awards 2022


Dr. Elton See Tan as part of the awards committee of Asia Leaders Awards 2022

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Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of the Philippines Dr. Elton See Tan as part of the awards committee of Asia Leaders Awards 2022 Asia Leaders Awards has continuously proven the prestige and recognition behind every award it gives out to deserving businesses and individuals. The secret of its integrity is the distinguish line up of the Awards Committee ever since it started 4 years back. They are all accomplished and respected individuals on their own fields of service expertise.

One of ALA’s awards committee members who has been very supportive and one with its objective and purpose since its pilot year is Dr. Elton See Tan. Dr. Elton See Tan is a prominent name in the business world, being the Chairman and CEO of the E-Hotels, Resorts & Residences Suites as well as the Makati Tourism Foundation (MTFI). A respected and familiar name in the hospitality business, he was the son of Tan Yu, 1997 Forbes magazine 10th richest in the world, with a personal fortune of $7 billion. The Tans have been constructing hotels and condominiums in the Philippines, Taiwan and China for decades. With so many degrees conferred on Dr. Elton Tan, PHD, DPS, LHD, DCL, LLD, CPM-Asia, he is often invited to speak before large audiences to educate and inspire people to follow his lead.

He was one of the speakers on the 3rd Climate Smart and Disaster Resilient ASEAN International Conference held last November of 2021. One of his most recent speaking engagements was that of WCC School of International Hospitality Management where he deep dive on the topic, “A Recuperation on Post Covid 19 Crisis: Perspectives on Future Investments, Issues, Trends, and Social Impacts on Foreign Arrivals and Real Estates” Dr. Elton See Tan, Past Lieutenant Governor Kiwanis International Philippine Luzon District Division 3A, is also the President of the ASEAN Business Council and Philippine-Korea Economic Council. He is also the current President of BNI (Business Network International) Premier. Business Network International (BNI) Premier is one of the chapters of the largest global networking organization with over 280,000 members.

The ALA Awards Committee for the past years has truly proven how their selections go beyond and growth by putting a premium on the extent of winners’ individual and corporate social responsibility efforts: from their own employees further out to their communities to the whole nation! Asia Leaders Awards is the only recognition giving body whose awards committee is composed of respected leaders from different chambers, organizations, and embassies such as the Embassy of Singapore, Embassy of Poland, and Korean Council among others. Its main objective is to promote the Philippines as a premier business hub and destination in Asia.

This year’s Asia Leaders Awards (ALA) Awarding Ceremony will be held on November 22, 2022. Nominations are now open, visit for more details.