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Domex empowers schools, parents and kids nationwide with proper toilet sanitation; seeks to increase reach in 2024

Domex empowers schools, parents and kids nationwide with proper toilet sanitation; seeks to increase reach in 2024

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Domex volunteers cleans the comfort room of
Ricardo P. Cruz Sr. Elementary School, Taguig City, during Brigada Eskwela 2023

 Domex continues another year of increasing awareness of the importance of toilet sanitation. 


166 schools from all over the country have become beneficiaries of Eskwelang Unstoppable, a nationwide and community initiative program by household care brand Domex. The program was launched during the return of this year’s Brigada Eskwela, with Domex and Unilever Philippines providing disinfectants and cleaning tools to different schools. The brand also gave products to more than 1,500 volunteers, who used it to sanitize their respective toilets at home, so that children have access to clean toilets whether in school or their houses. 

Domex volunteers helped clean schools in participation with Brigada Eskwela 2023.

“This partnership with various public schools, GIZ, and our local communities enables us to spread awareness about proper toilet maintenance and sanitation,” shares Regina Ocampo, Domex Brand Manager. “With Domex, we can win the war against bacteria, germs and overall poor sanitation, as well as encourage the public, especially students and their parents, to also practice toilet sanitation habits in their own homes.”

Domex reveals that there’s been a huge improvement in providing access to basic sanitation. “A recent study done by Economist Impact shows that there’s been an increase in access to toilets from 40% to 74% in the past 6 years, which is truly great news. However, the same also showed that we’re unable to maintain these clean toilets. We lost 146,000 toilets in the same period because of improper handling and lack of maintenance,” shares Regina. The study shows that the neglect on these toilets is worth 250 million USD. 


This year, Domex’s Eskwelang Unstoppable program takes its program a step further, with Unilever volunteers reaching out to students directly and educating them about simple habits they can do to maintain the cleanliness of toilets in school and at home, sharing 5 Eskwelang Unstoppable rules that can be easily remembered: 

D-Don’t hold your pee

O-Only throw trash in the trash can 

M-Must flush the toilet 

E-Every time, wash your hands 

X- Extra water please


Domex also educates parents to keep their families safe from germs by ensuring clean toilets at home. This November Domex held an event at Robinson’s Galleria in celebration of World Toilet Day. The program included a short discussion with Mom-fluencers sharing tips and tricks on how to keep their homes clean and sanitized, alongside various fun activity booths depicting that for toilet-cleaning and germ-killing, Domex is the partner to choose

“The country has certainly gone a long way in providing access to clean toilets,” says Ocampo “Nonetheless, we know that there’s still work to be done. This is why Domex commits to always be at the forefront in the war against poor sanitation – to ensure every Filipino can use decent and hygienic toilets.”

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