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Dimples Romana Writes Sweet Messages To Kathryn Bernardo And Julia Montes


Dimples Romana Writes Sweet Messages To Kathryn Bernardo And Julia Montes


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Being the eldest and the sister figure in their trio, Filipino actress Dimples Romana shared sweet messages with Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes in their mini-reunion.

On her Instagram account, Dimples shared a photo of her with her “babies” in the entertainment industry after being reunited for a long time.

In the said post, the actress expressed how proud she was of the two, not only for their success but for sticking with each other no matter how much they have changed.

“Plenty changed but never how we are together, so grateful for you both. […] My Mara and Clara slaying life like the superstars they’ve always been and still having their feet deeply rooted on ground,” she said.

Dimples also posted individual posts for the two artists, showing how they are in real life and expressing gratitude for being a friend throughout her career.

The actress shared how she considers Julia her sister, confidant, protector, and partner in everything, which made her grateful for her.

“What I’d give to work with you again, just to spend the whole day laughing and eating and sharing that most genuine and beautiful energy of yours!!” she said.

Dimples also reminisced on moments with Kathryn, as she mentioned the first days of their friendship, which started at a young age.

“An unbreakable bond I share with this beautiful soul just cause we’ve known each other since she was 8 and I was 19 then,” she said.

The actress also mentioned how she witnessed Kathryn grow into a fine lady and highlighted that she stayed the same even as she grew older.

“Random messages on random days, still as sweet and lambing, and thoughtful,” she shared.

Dimples had its first television project with Kathryn and Julia way back in 2010 when their friendship as a trio started.

Looking into their mini-reunion photos, fans and netizens are mesmerized and intrigued to see if the three growing stars will have another television series to look out for.

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