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Choose Pinoy: Celebrate PH Independence Day with Pinoy dishes to order at foodpanda

Choose Pinoy: Celebrate PH Independence Day with Pinoy dishes to order at foodpanda

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Thanks to the rich history of cultural interactions, Filipino cuisine is a delicious mix of flavors and influences. This Philippine Independence Day let’s celebrate by digging into some of the country’s most beloved dishes that showcase our unique culinary heritage.


There’s no better way to commemorate this special day than by indulging in some of the Philippines’ most cherished dishes. Here are some must-try options from renowned Filipino eateries that will make your celebration memorable—and you can easily order them through foodpanda!


Fave Pinoy ulam at Paluto Nga Po Sizzling Since 2005


This Pinoy eatery has been sizzling up our favorite dishes, and they never fail to hit the spot! The menu of Paluto Nga Po Sizzling Since 2005 is packed with irresistible sizzling plates, which delivers a perfect blend of flavors.

Paluto Nga Po Since 2005. Retrieved from https://www.foodpanda.ph/restaurant/lm9f/paluto-nga-po-since-2005-meycauayan

But that’s not all—they also offer a variety of other mouth-watering dishes that you can’t resist. From the crunchy, golden Lumpiang Shanghai to the savory, succulent Lechon Kawali, Paluto Nga Po Sizzling Since 2005 has something for everyone. 


If you’re looking to order in, they’ve got you covered with an extensive selection that will satisfy all your Filipino food cravings.


Bilao orders at Nid’s Balot n’ Bilao


Bilao orders are the ultimate crowd-pleasers, perfect for gatherings with your family or neighbors. Pair these delectable “ulam” with steaming hot white rice from Nids Balot n Bilao for a feast that’s sure to satisfy.


Take your pick from their mouthwatering selection, featuring classics like Beef Kaldereta and the quintessential Filipino dish Pork Adobo. Indulge in the savory and citrusy delight of Beef Steak, also known as Bistek Tagalog.

Nid’s Balot n’ Bilao. Retrieved from https://nidsbalot.wixsite.com/home

And if you’re a fan of spicy sisig, look no further than their Spicy Sisig Bilao. Prepare for your taste buds to be overwhelmed with goodness as you dig into this flavorful dish.


Pancit and other meriendas at Taste of Joy


Taste of Joy has got your favorite merienda treats covered for your handaan, so you can kick back and relax without worrying about cooking. With just a few taps on foodpanda, you can easily order all kinds of their Pancit delights—whether it’s Canton, Palabok, or Bihon, they’ve got you covered.

Taste of Joy. Retrieved from https://www.foodpanda.ph/chain/cn2qw/taste-of-joy

But that’s not all! They also offer Filipino-style Spaghetti, BBQ, and Pichi-Pichi to complete the mix. So go ahead, order up, and let Taste of Joy take care of your merienda cravings!

Lechon at Lydia’s 

There’s no doubt that Filipinos have a deep love for meat, with many of the country’s most popular dishes being protein-rich delights like lechon. This iconic dish was even named among the World’s Top 100 Dishes for 2019 by the online food encyclopedia Taste Atlas.


Lydia’s Lechon is the go-to for perfectly crispy skin and tender, flavorful Lechon, making it a must-have for any grand celebration. Beyond their famous Lechon, Lydia’s also offers adventurous dishes like Bopis and Dinuguan. 

Lydia’s Lechon. Retrieved from https://thehungrykat.com/post/178198622537/lydiaslechon

If you’re in the mood for something adventurous and packed with flavor, these dishes are perfect for those looking to explore bold and traditional Filipino flavors. Use the voucher EATNA for ₱100 off on orders from Lydia’s Lechon, valid from June 1 to 30. 


Crispy Pata at Giligan’s


Aside from Lechon, Crispy Pata was also named as one World’s Top 100 Dishes. Filipinos truly love Crispy Pata that a party isn’t complete without it. And do you know where you can find one of the most affordable but crispy and meaty Crispy Pata – at Giligan’s. 

Giligan’s. Retrieved from https://www.foodpanda.ph/chain/cc8qh/giligans

Giligan’s has become a family staple thanks to their delicious Filipino food that everyone loves. Now, enjoying their hearty meals is easier than ever—a few clicks on foodpanda, and these tasty dishes will be delivered right to your doorstep.


This Philippine Independence Day, celebrate with these iconic dishes that embody the country’s rich history and culinary diversity. Whether you’re enjoying crispy Lumpiang Shanghai, hearty Beef Kaldereta, or the festive Lechon, each bite will be a tribute to the Philippines’ vibrant culture and heritage.


Best of all, you can easily order these delicious meals through foodpanda by using ouchers MONDAY300 for a discount on your Monday orders, and WEEKENDER for weekend discounts, from June 1 to 30. Enjoy the celebration and savor the flavors of freedom and tradition!