Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bajaj Three-wheelers, can experience a next-level sakay at byahe around your favorite destinations


Bajaj Three-wheelers, can experience a next-level sakay at byahe around your favorite destinations

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Winds flow over your shoulders during morning strolls on the highway, your feet against the grains of sand on the seaside, or maybe discovering the story behind the walls of Intramuros. There’s no limit on what you can do as a tourist. But with Bajaj Three-wheelers, you can experience a next-level sakay at byahe around your favorite destinations!

Sakay at Biyahe that can go further. You can reach further tourist spots now because of Bajaj’s powerful 198.88 – 236.22 CC engine with smooth performance, ensuring a relaxed biyahe throughout.

A safer trip along the way. Your trip is safer with Bajaj Three-wheeler because of the built-in Rear Seat Metal Doors. Plus, the symmetrical design ensures the balance of the whole vehicle while traveling.

Comfortable and weather-resistant travel. Worry about the weather no more! With Bajaj’s wide upright windshield and symmetrically transparent hood, weather-resistant trips are on. Another comfort feature Bajaj Three-wheeler has is its ergonomic seats, both riders, and passengers can travel further without feeling soreness from a day-long biyahe.

Be Entertained. Long-distance rides are notorious for bringing boredom to the passengers. Be entertained with the built-in MP3 player while appreciating the scenery while traveling.


Today, Tagaytay, Siargao, and Bohol are some examples of tourist hotspots that adopted the next-level travel experience with Bajaj. To get inspired for your next vacay destination, watch out for the 6 festival-inspired Bajaj REs operating around the cities of Pasay-Manila and experience the next level commute!

Hop in this tourism month with your own Sakay at Biyahe, and get your own Bajaj RE for only Php 6,999 Down Payment! Click here to inquire: https://bit.ly/bajajinquiretourismpr