Thursday, February 29, 2024

Bajaj Maxima Cargo demonstrates cost-effectiveness in the realm of three-wheel vehicles!


Bajaj Maxima Cargo demonstrates cost-effectiveness in the realm of three-wheel vehicles!

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It’s the holiday season once again! Orders and deliveries are increasing as the holiday rush kicks in. Looking for a cost-efficient business partner? Here’s Bajaj Maxima Cargo! Let’s discover the story of a certified madiskarteng entrepreneur from Camiguin Island, Melchor Mercado III. 

Fuel Efficiency | Melchor has proven that the Bajaj Maxima Cargo is the right strategy for his business. For just 700 pesos, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo can go around Camiguin Island almost three times, covering a distance of 64 km before running out of gasoline. Sometimes, it even lasts up to three days before needing to refuel again, especially when there aren’t too many deliveries.

Cost-Efficient Maintenance | Maintenance, you say? The Bajaj Maxima Cargo is definitely cost-effective in that aspect, thanks to its heavy-duty CV Shaft. For just 925 pesos, the Bajaj three-wheeler’s Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) is complete, including 2 liters oil, oil filter, and labor charge. Like Melchor, make it a habit to have regular maintenance to ensure the long service life of your Bajaj three-wheeler.

Quick Return on Investment (ROI) | Within three years, Melchor quickly recouped his investment in the Bajaj Maxima Cargo. His business profits have increased because of its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. Indeed, he has found the key to success! He is already planning to purchase another Bajaj Maxima Cargo.

Whatever strategy you have in life and business, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo will carry you through! Other business solution variants of the Bajaj Maxima Cargo are also available for our over 100,000 Ka-Bajaj nationwide! Visit for more details. For inquiries, click on this link