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Baguio Introduces Its Giant Wedding Cake For HRT Week


Baguio Introduces Its Giant Wedding Cake For HRT Week


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A total of 12,000 slices of cakes from a four-layer giant wedding cake were served to the public at the SM City Baguio on Saturday to celebrate three occasions — wedding of 11 couples, 114th Baguio Charter anniversary and the 16th Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism (HRT) Week.

Jeffrey Ng, chair of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio (HRAB), said 25 professional chefs and 40 student assistants assembled the four layers of cake with the base measuring 24 feet x 18 feet x 7 inches; the second layer at 18 feet x 14 feet x 7 inches; third layer at 14 feet x 10 feet x 7 inches; and the topmost layer at 10 feet 8 feet x 7 inches.

The ingredients included 175 kilograms (kg) of cake flour, 150 kg all-purpose flour, 300 kg bread flour, 480 kg unsalted butter, 1.7 liters of corn oil, 32,000 pieces of fresh eggs, 20,000 pieces of banana, 600 kg fresh carrots, 70 kg dark chocolates, 60 kg white chocolates, 60 kg milk chocolates, 1,500 kg white sugar, 6kg baking soda, 9 kg baking powder, 30 kg chocolate powder, 400 cans of evaporated milk and 600 liters of cream for icing and finishes.

The final product had chocolate truffle, red velvet, banana, carrot cake and blueberry vanilla flavors.

“We wanted to have a reason for the people to come over and visit the city during this season and we want to showcase something different that is why we do the giant wedding cake,” Ng said in a text message, referring to the fourth staging of the event.

HRAB president Anthony de Leon said the event was a challenge considering the continuous rains in the city for several days already.

“It was raining hard and we were presented with issues on how to mobilize and present the giant cake but we always say: We find ways,” De Leon said during the program, which was also witnessed by United States Ambassador MaryKay Carlson.

“The weather may be testing our spirits but seeing all of you, braving the elements to be with us is a testament of support that will make us continue to do events that will showcase our city,” he added.

Andrew Pinero, spokesperson of HRAB, said the HRT Week is an important occasion not only for the tourism industry but for the students who are preparing to become professionals in the industry.

“We have competitions during the HRT Week that are participated in by professionals and students from Cordillera and Central and Northern Luzon provinces. This is important because these events are exposures that will make them better professionals when they finally land a job in the tourism industry,” Pinero said. (PNA)