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American Standard introduces its new worldwide brand identity

American Standard introduces its new worldwide brand identity

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Many important developments in design and technology have occurred over the years to meet the predominant demands of the times. With current trends and recent critical events concerning public health, sanitation, and climate change, consumers’ requirements have evolved to emphasize these essential problems.

This can be observed in homes where contemporary bathrooms have become safe environments that showcase touchless technology and sustainable features to ensure sustainability as well as optimal safety and hygiene for the family.

To ensure that these ever-changing needs are met, American Standard has modified its brand rationale marked by the launch of its new brand claim, “Life. Love. Home”

“LIXIL is excited to launch the new American Standard global brand identity to the enthusiastic response of consumers and the industry. In the Asia Pacific, the brand has built a trusted following for its bathroom and kitchen solutions that are innovative, dependable and comfortable to use. We are excited to deepen the American Standard brand empathy and closeness to consumers with the new brand claim of LIFE. LOVE. HOME that matches their aspirations and lifestyle to create homes that they will love every day,” said Satoshi Kanogai, Leader, LIXIL Water Technology APAC.

A trade event in celebration of American Standard’s new global brand identity launch was recently held in Bangkok, Thailand which gathered industry leaders around the region to discuss the brand’s new rationale, as well as the current trends, and thoughtful ideas related to the building industry.

One of the key segments of the event were the forums. The retail forum discussed the current retail market situation, consumer profiles, changes on spending behavior, and the consumer confidence index.

“Our retail partners across the Asia Pacific region joined us at our expert-led Retail Forum in Bangkok, Thailand, where they gained insights into the ever-evolving retail industry,” said Arthur Ian Macaspac, Retail Head LIXIL Philippines Inc. “An expert from NielsenIQ delved into the Consumer Outlook for 2023, and leaders from LIXIL Asia shared LIXIL’s retail strategy and initiatives as well as best practices on data-driven sales.”

The Retail Forum featured keynote speakers Villy Lee, Leader, Retail & Digital Platforms, LIXIL Asia who talked about “LIXIL Strategy & Initiatives”; Ekaphol Phromphol, Director, Retailer Vertical Leader, Thailand Nielsen Asia in “Consumer Outlook 2023”; and Gary Yeo, Leader, Digital Solutions & Retail Processes LIXIL Asia who talked about “Best Practice: Data Driven Sales”.

There was also a design forum presented by American Standard Design Catalyst L!VE (ASDC L!VE), a well-received hybrid online and offline event that brought together Architecture and Design experts to share their knowledge, exchange opinions, and be a positive source of inspiration on various architecture and design topics, which included “Health, Wellness & Beyond”, “Circular & Sustainable Living”, and “Intelligent Spaces”.

A delegate and one of the guest speakers from the Philippines, Architect Cathy Saldana, President of PDP Architects, focused on the importance of people in design. During her segment on Circular and Sustainable Living, she shared, “No matter the glass, the concrete, the budgets, the purpose of design will always be people and at the end of the day this is what sustainability is about.”

The event concluded with the official unveiling of the new American Standard brand claim of “LIFE.LOVE.HOME” along with the brand visuals of the “American Standard Red” imply love and passion – evoking a closer emotional affinity with consumers. The American Standard Red boldly unites multiple online and offline consumer touchpoints and product packaging for a seamless multi-dimensional revitalization of the consumer experience.

The launch event also introduced the new American Standard Loven Collection, the first collection launch under the new brand identity. The Loven Collection has a cohesive aesthetic, ensuring a polished and well-put-together look for any bathroom. The collection’s full-sized features in a compact footprint are a perfect match for urban residential projects, such as condominiums.

American Standard is part of the LIXIL brand portfolio whose purpose is to make a better home a reality for everyone, everywhere.

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