Easy ihaw-sarap cooking at home from Mang Inasal

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Easy ihaw-sarap cooking at home from Mang Inasal

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If you can’t dine in a Mang Inasal store to have your favorite comfort food, then take home a Mang Inasal Ready-to-Cook (RTC) Chicken Inasal and opt to either grill, bake or pan fry it.

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Regardless of your preferred cooking option, your RTC Chicken Inasal will still taste just as you like it because the product is marinated in Mang Inasal’s signature sauce. The RTC Chicken Inasal Paa may be bought in packs of five for Php360. Meanwhile, the RTC Chicken Inasal Pecho will be available in select Mang Inasal stores by mid-September.

To complete the Mang Inasal experience, you can also buy Chicken Oil in stand-up plastic pouch with resealable cap for only Php99.

Both the Mang Inasal RTC Chicken Inasal Paa and the Mang Inasal Chicken Oil are available for takeout exclusively in selected Mang Inasal stores. You may also get them through Call & Pick-up or Park and Go. Please check the list of available stores here: https://bit.ly/3hBwAax.

With Mang Inasal’s RTC Chicken Inasal and Chicken Oil, nothing can stop you and your family from satisfying your cravings for a flavorful ihaw-sarap dining experience at home.

Follow Mang Inasal on Facebook and Instagram and join their Viber community for more information. You may also delight yourself with other delicious Mang Inasal dishes by ordering via GrabFood, foodpanda, or Mang Inasal’s delivery website at http://manginasaldelivery.com.ph.  


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